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FTP Account Setup Tutorial

  1. First create a folder inside of the public_html folder. I named mine downloads for this example.
  2. Then go to your ftp manager in CPanel and add an account.
  3. Set it up like this with whatever username and password you chose:


  1. Open your ftp client. (I used WS_FTP for this example).
  2. Of course you will use your URL instead of mine.
  3. Notice how I used the password and user name “pass” for both parameters but when I set up the account it wants the username pass@gotimehosting.com. The password will still be pass.


  1. Set your remote folder in the Initial Remote Site Folder field. This is the directory that you used to set up the account.
  2. Hit Connect to test.


NOTE: If you are connecting through a browser for your ftp client, use this address format (replace your URL).